Cleaning Up

by Telume at 2015-05-02 18:50:14
As you may have heard, from the various global or from other sources, I have been doing a but of clean up on various things. I've actually changed how some of the processes on the website work slightly and I've also cleaned up the main page. (It displays multiple news posts, yay!) I'll be doing more stuff like this over the next few days, so keep a look out!
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by PrincessPhoenix at 2015-05-08 02:01:05
I've missed all the global messages (most likely because I haven't been online as much) but updates like this are always nice to read. I'm especially glad to see that the previous posts are not immediately archived and un-commentable like they used to be!

Thanks for the Feedback

by Telume at 2015-05-08 03:38:24
@PrincessPhoenix: Thanks for the kind words. You can always come to the website to see everything that's going on with Bit'sJoint. We've been trying to reduce the amount of them we do, if you miss 'em we might just bring them back!