Give Us A Banner!

by Telume at 2014-01-11 10:22:33
As you may have noticed, while we have a new site, we don't have too many decorations that reflect our true nature! So, what should we do to resolve this problem? Well, the most obvious solution is to get a new banner. So, we leave it up to you, the users. Design us a banner, help us build up our identity. The rules are: keep it clean (no obscene or controversial material), anime and gaming-based banners please and please, no cheating (don't pass other work off as your own), this contest should be fair for EVERYONE. How do you submit? Well, once you're done, just post a link to your banner in the comments (yes, this means you need an account). DO NOT PM any of the staff members the links to the banners, they WILL be ignored.
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